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About Panga Secondary School

Panga Secondary School (PSS) is a pioneering academic milestone in the southern region of Kathmandu valley situating nearly 3km away from the core city. It was established nearly four decades ago in 2038 B.S. from today with the pious objective to enhance the academic strength of the surrounding people. The school was accredited by Nepal […]

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Our Facilities

Quality Education

Gain knowledge and teaching from highly qualified teachers

Healthy Food and Water

Balanced diet and clean drinking water source

Transportation Service

Well maintained bus service with experienced drivers

Computer Lab

Modern Computers with high speed internet for all students

Science Lab

Separate Labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with necessary equipment


Quiet and Peaceful environment with informative materials

Events and Activities

What Our Students Says

Sparsha Dabadi

” I completed my Secondary Education Examination (SEE)  from Panga Secondary School with a 4.00 GPA in 2020 (2076 B.S). PSS is a place that gives you myriad ways to explore yourself. PSS not only provides you academic excellence but also an opportunity to build yourself and contribute for good. I am extremely grateful to Panga Secondary School for making me confident, bold and strong enough to stand on my own and courageous enough to be myself on the world’s stage. I have developed strong bonds across generations and have learned so much from my peers and from my seniors. This is a community steeped in good values, truth, and empathy that wants to create a greater sense of inclusion and belonging. “

Kritika Maharjan

” I have been a student of Panga Secondary School since 2007 AD to 2020 AD and through my journey I was able to make great and heartwarming memories with my Friends, Teachers, staffs, etc. Panga Secondary School  has been a positive and life-changing experience for me. The Teachers embraces and celebrates the Students uniqueness rather than focusing on conformity and control. The school is a safe, loving and supportive community. The Teacher and the rest of the staff have made the Students feel at home and have encouraged the student. My grades have improved and my behavior and self esteem have risen. I am proud to be a part of Panga Secondary School. “

Palisa Maharjan

” I first entered my school crying, not wanting to let go off my mother’s hand, scared of new place and new people. Now that I look back, Its been literally 13 years since that day. My life at school made me learn something new every single day. The memories with my friends, with my teachers isn’t something I could easily forget. I will always be grateful to my parents for choosing the best school for me, for the friends I have till date and for the inspiring teachers who helped me throughout. “