Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, school administration opens at 9 : 30 AM and closes at 5 : 00 PM.

There is 10 minutes of breaktime over two periods and 40 minutes of lunch break after the fourth period.

Our school conducts four formal exams that is, First terminal exam, Second terminal exam, Third terminal exam and Final terminal exam. Besides that, we also conduct unit tests at interval of two weeks.

Students are required to wear school uniform compulsory without any ornaments in school days.

Monthly fee will be charged for each month. Fee must be paid within 15th of each month. Otherwise, fine of Rs.25 will be charged for next month. You can consult at reception or school administration for late fee payment or payment issues.

We provide scholarship to deserving as well as needy students as per school’s rules. You can consult with school administration for more information regarding this matter.