Class 9

Class 9 students, follow these educational materials (books and its publication).

S.No. Name of Books Name of Publications
1. Maxim English Grammar Readmore
2. Delight – IX (Eng.II) KEDC
3. English Grade – IX (Eng.I) CDC
4. Focus on English Reading and writing Grade 9 Neema
5. नेपाली ९ CDC
6. सुनगाभा नेपाली व्याकरण र रचना ८ Green
7. Social Studies Book –  IX (New Edition) Readmore
8. Effective Maths – IX Oxpridge
9. Health Pop. & Environment Edu. – IX Asia
10. Effective Computer Science Grade – IX


Office Practice & Accounting IX



Buddha Publication

11. New Creative Science IX J.B.D.
12. Optional Mathematics in Action– IX United

Refer to this manual for required books. If you have further questions and inquiry, Please contact at school or your respective subject teachers.

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