Class 10

Class 10 students, follow these educational materials (books and its publication).

S.No. Name of Books Name of Publications
1. English Grade – X (Eng.I) CDC
2. Focus on English Reading and writing Graded 10 Neema
3. Maxim Grammar Readmore
4. सुनगाभा नेपाली व्याकरण र रचना ८ Green
5. नेपाली १० CDC
6. Social Studies Grade – X (New Edition) Readmore
7. Effective Maths – X Oxbridge
8. Health Pop. & Environment Education –  X Asia
9. New Creative Science  – X J.B.D.
10. Optional Mathematics in Action – X


Population Education – X




11. Office Practice & Accounting – X


Computer Science – X

Buddha Publication



Refer to this manual for required books. If you have further questions and inquiry, Please contact at school or your respective subject teachers.

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